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Chain Skipping Of Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a popular sport that many people enjoy. Unfortunately, mountain biking can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. One common danger of mountain biking is chain slippage. Chain slippage can happen when the chain becomes caught on the terrain or slips from the gear cog on the bike. Chain slippage can lead to disastrous consequences, such as crashing into obstacles or getting lost in the woods.

“Your mountain bike is skipping gears and chain because you’re not pedaling hard enough.”

The most exciting part is that you do not need technical skills to mend a skipping bike chain. Here are a few things you can do when your bike chain malfunctions.

In this article, I will give a details overview of mountain Bike chain skipping. Not only that, but I will also share the cause of bike chain skipping and how to get rid of them. Let’s Start.

  What Causes Mountain Bikes to Skip Gears?

  Bicycle chains skip when they become loose. This is most common on mountain bikes, where the chain can slip off the sprockets if it’s not tight enough. The chain also skips when it rubs against the cog or chainring; this can happen if your bike isn’t properly adjusted or if there’s a lot of mud or snow on the ground.

When you are riding, then mountain bike chain skipping. It mostly happens when you try to change the gear. My experience shows me that loose cable is the main reason—naturally, cable stretch over time. When I install a new cable, then it happens. That time I face trouble.

Without sufficient cable tension to appropriately regulate your derailleur (the part of your bike that shifts the chain from one sprocket to the next), the chain may begin to skip.

  Findings why mountain bike chain skipping

  I researched and got some findings about bike chain skipping. They are:

  Cable tension

When the chain is moving over the teeth of the cranks, it can pull on the cable too hard, which can cause it to skip. The correct amount of tension on your cables will help prevent them from skipping and ensure that your bike rides smoothly.

  Worn chain

Mountain bike chains skip when they’re worn out. This is because the chain links rub against each other, which causes the metal to wear down quickly. This can lead to skipped gears and decreased efficiency; when you notice your chain skipping, it’s time to replace your chain.

Suppose your bikes have been ridden a lot or are older, then your bicycle chain should check first. Use affect chains and should be replaced repeatedly to preserve your drivetrain at its best.

You can watch a chain checker tool to see if you can resolve your chain stretching and wear. Suppose you follow this diagnostic strategy and the reasons we’ve checked at this point (gear indexing and cable tension); after that, check the cassette.

  Worn cassette

Mountain bike chain skipping is a problem that often occurs when the cassette on a mountain bike is old or worn. The chain skips can cause the bike’s gearing problems, including decreased speed and difficulty climbing hills. The most common cause of mountain bike chain skipping is a worn cassette. When the metal teeth on the cassette no longer mesh perfectly with the sprockets on the rear wheel, the friction causes the chain to skip. Worn cassettes can also be caused by heavy use or poor maintenance habits. If you notice your mountain bike Chain skipping frequently, it may be time to replace your cassette.

  incompatible drivetrain parts

Mountain bike chains are typically made of steel links connected by a small gear on one end and a large cog on the other. The small gear turns the large cog, which drives the wheel. When these gears are out of alignment, they can cause the chain to skip. 

The problem usually occurs when one of these gears is too tight or loose. When this happens, the gears rub against each other, which causes the chain to jump off the sprockets.

On the other hand, this problem occurs when installing a new chain without following manufacturer guidelines.

  too much lube

Mountain bike chains skipping are often the result of using too much lubricant. This excess lubricant can cause the chain to glide along the cassette and sprocket teeth, resulting in a miss-step or jump in chain wheels. Lubricating your chain every few rides will help minimize this problem.

  worn cog teeth

  When riding a mountain bike, the chain may skip on the cog teeth if they are excessively worn. This can cause the chain to jump between the cog teeth, making pedaling difficult and eventually to cause wear and tear on the drive train. When this happens, it is essential to have a professional inspect your bike and replace any worn or damaged cog teeth.

  shifting system problems

The most common is a faulty shifting system. When the chain skips, the chainring doesn’t mesh with the sprocket properly, causing the bike to lose power and speed. If this happens frequently enough, it may eventually cause damage to the drivetrain and even the rider’s legs.

But to locate the source of the problem, it is necessary to check and possess recourse to all the following parts:

  Shifting Cable

After an extended time frame of use, the cable may get stretched out and degenerate to the point. So, the best option is that change the cable.

  Rear Derailleur

The derailleur may lose its correct angle as time passes, most often the kink of the cable from the hire proximal to the edge, which may adjust the chain misalignment with the cogs, which may trigger the chain to slip under strenuous pedaling.

  Derailleur Hanger

Hangers are made from fragile materials, so they can easily bend when a load is shifted or someone runs into them. Damage caused by such flaws will lead to nasty rocks and chain jumping.

  Bad Shifter

During the ride, the low-quality shifter can lose the cable tension. Notably, riding out of the seat may cause unwanted gear shifting that appears to be as if the chain is slipping.  

  worn out freewheel body shell

When the chain slips off the sprocket, it puts more stress on the freehub shell, which can eventually cause it to break. Another reason is that there might not be enough tension on the chain. If there isn’t enough tension, the chain will easily slip off the sprocket and won’t get caught again. 

  wrong attachment between freehub and wheel hub

There are many reasons why a mountain bike chain might skip. The most common reason is that the freehub and wheel hub attachment is terrible. If this attachment is loose, it can cause the chain to make random jumps across the wheel teeth, which causes the bike to skid. In extreme cases, this can lead to a loss of control and an accident.

  What type of Maintenance Can Prevent Gear Skipping?

  Mountain bike gear can easily skip if not correctly maintained. Here are four ways to prevent gear skipping:

-Check the chain and sprockets regularly for tightness and wear. Replace them as needed.

Wipe down the bike with a damp cloth after each ride to remove moisture and debris. This will help keep the gears smooth and running smoothly.

-Lube the chain frequently, especially if it’s prone to skipping or shows signs of wear.

-Check for kinked or bent cables, which can cause gear skipping. If necessary, replace them with new cables.

  Can a New Bike Skip Gears?

  When mountain biking, it is important to use the correct gear for the terrain. However, with new bikes that feature electronic shifting, some riders fear that they may be skipping gears, which could lead to injuries. Can a new bike prevent mountain bike gear skipping?

Several studies have been conducted on this question. The results suggest that while electronic shifting may cause some riders to skip gears, it is not likely to cause serious injuries. Some research has even shown that using a new bike with electronic shifting can improve your performance on hills because you can pedal more efficiently. So while using an electronic shift system on a new mountain bike may require some adjustments for those unfamiliar with the technology, it does not appear to be a significant risk factor for gear skipping.

  Step-by-Step Instructions

  There is some instruction given below:

  1. Get onto your bike and manually go until you reach the optimal position of the bike’s shifter. Check the shifter now to ensure it’s in the appropriate position. Press the shifter once to move a cog on the chain. If nothing happens, you need more on the tension.
  2. Now, you want to turn your barrel adjuster to the opposite end by turning it away from you. The barrel adjuster is a small part located on the back of your derailleur. Your cable passes through it on the way to the gear shifter.
  3. Recheck the rocker to see if it will adjust to the lowest position during playback. If not, continue to turn the linkage adjuster to increase tension and adjust it to the best of its capability to the ideal point. Should this be successful, you’ve located the most suitable setting.
  4. Visually inspect the cable’s slack level; if there is too much slack, you may need to add tension. On the other hand, if it is tightened, it must lose some tension.
  5. Open the cable housing and repair the physical end of it. You’llYou’ll see the cable exit the derailleur, as well as the part that manually affects tension within the mechanism (it probably looks like a bolt). You can adjust the tension manually using a tightening tool or slacken the cable using a minor adjustment.
  6. Look into the limiting screw if the bike still will not stop before reaching the lowest gear. The limiting screw is found near the top of the derailleur. Look for an “H” in a circle designated for the uphill end of the gear. Loosening this screw will allow the chain to reach the smallest cog of the gear assembly and shift accordingly.


 Why does my bike chain skip when I pedal?

There are a few potential causes of this problem. One possibility is that your chain is too tight or worn. If the chain is too tight, it can cause the sprockets to rub against each other, which can cause skipping. Worn chains also tend to skip because they don’t have enough teeth on the gears, making it difficult for the bike to rotate correctly.

When mountain bike chain skipping under load?

Mountain bike chains are not designed to skip under load. Skipping may cause the chain to come off the sprocket and damage the bike.

What is a skipping bike chain?

A skipping bike chain is a bicycle chain not connected to the bicycle’s rear wheel. Skipping bike chains are most commonly used in downhill and BMX racing, allowing the rider to make more rapid turns.


In conclusion, there are many reasons why your mountain bike may skip the chain. If you notice that the bike is regularly skipping or if the chain seems to be slipping, it may be time to take it in for a tune-up. If your mountain bike is constantly skipping the chain, there may be a problem with the drive train that needs to be fixed. Finally, always clean and lube your chain every time you ride!

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